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Stretch hood packaging technology provides several advantages over other pallet packaging (shrink hood and stretch film wrapping) technologies.

·         It is much more cost effective since foil consumption is lower. The circumference of the stretch hood film used to cover the pallet is up to 40% less than the circumference
of the shrink hood film used to cover the same pallet.
·         Stretch hoods don’t need any heating process with fire or an oven to be warmed. This results in lower energy consumption and also lower insurance fees due to eliminating a fire risk.
·         I provides better mechanical properties than both “stretch film” and “shrink film”.
·         With it’s nicely stretched and smooth surface, stretch hood provides much better optical properties and transparency.
·         Stretch hood does not stick to the goods piled on pallet even if the goods are plastic. With shrink hood there is the possibility of melted plastic sticking to your goods.
·         With one foil size you can pack different sizes of pallets!
·         It assures maximum stability by taking the form of the pallet even if you work with irregular pallets. Stretch hood is very elastic.
·         It is 100% waterproof and eco-friendly packaging solution.