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Our filled plastics are Polyethylene and Polypropylene based products. They are controlled by the Gravimetric and Volimetric dosage system. Capacity of our lines is 150.000 tonnes per annum.

Our various kind of filled plastics are formulated differently according to the flexible and rigid applications.


     Product Types:

  Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Filled Polymers
  Talc-Filled Polymers
  Glass Fiber Filled Polymers
  Barite-Filled Polymers
  Others (ABS, PS, HIPS, etc ...)



Filler Types Utilization Rate (%)    
* Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) max 85      
* Talc max 70      
* Glass Fiber max 40      
* Barite max 80      
Areas of Usage;  
* Injection molding  
* Profile        
* Extrusion and puffing procedures        
* Electrically tools        
* Home appliances        
* In the manufacturing of the pipe insulation materials        
* The other engineering fields.        
The main features;    
* Reduces the costs            
* Increases the mechanical performance        
* Can be produced in desired color          
The Types of Packaging;    
* 25 kg bag              
* 500kg-1.000 kg lık Big-Bag          
* Silo bus