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Vatan Plastik has been serving in Chemical sector for many years with high quality and high performance products.

Technical Specifications

Vatan Plastik has been serving in Chemical sector for many years with high quality and high performance products. V200 Phthalate Free Plasticizers, is based on modified DOTP by our customers who are major manufacturers in cable, artificial leather, granular, hose, membrane fitler and similiar PVC product sector since 2011. The . V200 Phthalate Free Plasticizers offers advantages in different sectors due to less consumption up to 15%. The . V200 Phthalate Free Plasticizers, which becomes cristalized at the ambient temperature and then becomes clear with the temperature that it is exposed to during the manufacturing process yields high values of tensile and ekongation strength before and after aging despite the fact that it is used less than other Plasticizers.
In cable sector, superior results are obtained from all the tests with a usage of 15% less except TTR types of cable. It shows a superior performance in the artificial leather sector in comparison to DOP,DINP and other DOTP’s with different features in tensile breaking, aging and step tests. Especially, in the manufacturing processes such as skin layer in which less Plasticizers is used superior wetting deatures are observed.

Is a PVC plasticizer that is considered sefer than low-chain and orhto-phthalate plasticizers due to its excellent toxicological profile, it is probably one of the most important phthalate free plasticizer in the market. It is the ester of terephyhalic acid and 2-ethylexanol. In the European plasticizer market, DOTP is one of the growing phthalate- free plasticizers because of European environment restriction. DOTP is extensively used in application like extrusion calendaring, injection molding and rotational molding, dip molding slush molding, coating and some ink application.


  • V200 Phthalate Free ( DOTP Bazlı Plastifiyan)
  • DOP ( Dioktil Ftalat)
  • DOA ( Di Iso Nonly Phatalate)
  • DİNP ( Di Iso Nonly Phatalate)
  • DİDP ( Di Iso Desyl Phatalate) - V200 Phthalate Free ( Dioctyl Terephthalate)

Technical Informations

  • Molecular Measurement: 390.57
  • Closed Formula: C24H38O4
  • Physical Formula: LIQUID
  • Color Pt.Co: 50 max.
  • INDEX n 25 C/D: 1,4867
  • Activity: 0,01 max.
  • Density , 25C / 25C: 0,989 0,003
  • Boiling Point 760 mm Hg, C: 400
  • Freezing Point, C: -51
  • Flash Point, C: 210
  • Solubility in Water (20 C,g/L): 0,0004
  • 0 C: 410
  • 25 C: 63
  • 100 C: 5

DOP ( DiOctyl Phthalate)

  • Molecular Network: 390
  • Density: 0.983 g/ml
  • Refractive Index: 1.485
  • Breaking Point: 230 ˚C
  • Viscosity: 57 cps
  • Color: Max 25 APHA
  • Esterification: %99
  • Moisture: %0.1
  • Smell: Kendine Özgü Yumuşak
  • CAS No: 117-81-7