Vatan Plastik achieved many firsts since it came into activity.

In 1972, Vatan Plastik reduced the thickness of the greenhouse film from 400 microns to 180 microns.

It extended the life of greenhouse film, by realizing the UV production.

It is the first company to produce the IR additive in plastic greenhouse film. With this production, the heat and energy losses is greatly inhibited in greenhouses. The most important one, our company contributed one of the greatest services for Turkish greenhouses by ensuring the realization of the production in greenhouse 10 days earlier. The greenhouse film produced for the years 2000, by performing the first again, has reduced the use of pesticides to minimum level. Our developed products were tried and approved by Akdeniz University.

The first five-layer stretch film production is made by Vatan Plastik in 2005

In 2006, it began to produce Vatan Polimer (Vatpol) fills that are used for filling together with PE, PP and HDPE based raw materials, addible to the raw material up to 70% rates, reducing the costs, increasing the mechanical performance, raising the efficiency, suitable for foods and eco-friendly.

The prestretch was produced in 2010.

Sulfur-resistant greenhouse production has begun at the first moths of 2012.